Top five Hollywood comedy movies on Qwik Video on Demand

Picking your favourite genre in movies is like getting a perfect cup of coffee; to each, their own. Thanks to the rising trend of Video on Demand services everywhere, people can watch whatever they like, whenever they want. This is the technology of the future because that’s how content should […]

Hollywood children’s special movies on Qwik Video on Demand

Today’s Video on Demand services has something for everybody.  Animation movies have revolutionized the traditional story-telling for the kids with much more techniques, creativity and colors. Psychologists suggest that watching quality animation movies at an early age goes a long way in improving a child’s creativity and intelligence. Many parents […]

Classic TV shows available on Qwik Video on Demand in India

The landscape of the Indian Television has undergone remarkable changes from where it was during the 90s. While there is no dip in the saas-bahu-serials trend, the scope for non-fictional TV shows has widened. Reality shows has colonized the prime time spots and more emphasize are given towards shows that […]

Amitabh Bachchan movies available on Qwik video on demand

One of India’s finest popular actor Amitabh Bachchan who had undertaken array of roles with his tremendous talent and versatility in his 46 year long career. We have compiled a list of amazing films in which Amitabh Bachchan has starred in.

Popular kids TV shows on Qwik Video On Demand

As kids, we all have had our favourite cartoon shows, fairy tales and characters. After games, this is the only entertainment source which children are glued to. Earlier cartoon network had the monopoly but then Disney, Nickelodeon, Pogo and Hungama TV joined the fray. Present generation kids are becoming indoor […]

Best documentaries to watch on Qwik Video on Demand (VOD)

We know great historic personalities in India like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc. Their contribution to humanity and India is disparate. There are many more great leaders around the world who have made unfading print on people’s minds. But very few Indians, especially youth know about their […]

Can video on demand (vod) on tv regain the lost magic of tv?

We all live a fast paced life today. This is especially true when it comes to the youth. Though technology has made the world smaller and has brought people closer, it has only digitally and virtually connected people. Youth in India have become more career oriented and have less time […]

Is India gearing up to Qwik Video on Demand (VoD) Service?

India is a country popularly known for its diversity and cultures. This wide diversity and culture makes the market even more difficult to penetrate, as every culture and market has different tastes to be catered to. There are many international brands that entered the Indian market which had to change […]

Best inspirational bollywood movies one should watch!

Here is a list of best and evergreen inspirational movies in our desi Bollywood that one should watch. Some of the movies are based on real life incidents, while others are great work of fiction. All the movies in the list motivate us to keep fighting against all hurdles in […]

Music on Demand industry in India

If we are to pick one significant achievement of the Internet era, it has to be availability of information to everybody. With every industry striving to build its online presence, the web world is so full of information about almost everything. But with great power comes a few limitations. One […]

Can Video on Demand (VOD) be a solution to media piracy?

Hello! Have you ever bought a latest movie CD from a roadside vendor or downloaded one from a torrent site? If yes, then you are definitely the pirates of this digital world.

What is media piracy?
Piracy, in its simplest form is obtaining materials without the proper rights of legal ownership. […]

Top 5 daily TV shows of 2015 in India

Daily TV soaps have been the most popular entertainment media for Indian audience. Demand for Indian daily soaps & TV shows is increasing day by day, so as the number of TV channels offering daily TV series. Not just the channels but genre of popular TV shows has changed from […]

Online Video Consumption Trend in India

In just few years, video has exploded on the internet changing the way people share, learn, play and communicate. YouTube has become the major player in video world becoming the second largest search engine. According to comScore (a leader in measuring digital world), Indian internet population is 205 million, as […]

Types of Video on Demand service providers in India

Gone are the days when we had to rush back home to catch our favorite television programs. Technology now brings programs from all over the world to us. The Video on Demand (VoD) service lets us stream or download movies, shows, serials, concerts etc. of our choice at a time […]

Video on Demand (VOD) in India

There was a time when almost every Indian household would gather around a bright luminous display of light – the TV and watch programs showed in only two colors i.e. black & white.

One would befuddle one button over the other until we got to watch our beloved Doordharshan channel. Well, […]

Video on Demand in India vs VoD abroad

I was at a local coffee shop this weekend, sipping on my latte, when I looked at the huge TV screen mounted atop playing the advertisement of Video on Demand (VoD) service provided by a big brand in India. I began to wonder about the Video on Demand services offered […]

Qwik Video on Demand Overview

Attention! Cable Service Providers!
A new revolution in entertainment has begun.

A video on demand revolution that will multiply your revenues without any investment!

In developed markets of North America and Europe, Video on Demand has become a multi billion dollar industry, as more and more viewers are moving away from appointment viewing […]

Qwik Video on Demand service vs DTH VOD

Video on demand (VOD) is latest technology which allows users to select and watch to video content like movies, TV shows when they choose to, instead of at a specific broadcast time. In India, many Direct to Home (DTH) players offer video on demand value added services to their DTH […]

Video on Demand industry challenges in India

Video on demand is not a full grown industry in India but falls under the purview of Media & Entertainment Industry. On demand video consumption by Indian consumers is dominated by YouTube with over 55 million unique users visiting YouTube per month. Also about two-thirds of the YouTube viewers in […]