Picking your favourite genre in movies is like getting a perfect cup of coffee; to each, their own. Thanks to the rising trend of Video on Demand services everywhere, people can watch whatever they like, whenever they want. This is the technology of the future because that’s how content should be available to everyone- customized and available on demand.

Hollywood comedy movies have a huge fan club of its own. Because if there is one genre that is loved by almost everybody and has audience from all walks of life, then it would be comedy. Good comedy movies are timeless and are the best stress-busters. Hollywood, being one of the best movie industries, has given us its share of wonderful comedy movies. Whether you are a lover of slapstick humour or connoisseur of subtle comedy, Hollywood has something to entertain everybody. So let’s create a list of top five Hollywood comedy movies, shall we?

Hollywood Movies On Demand The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries

This movie was produced in the year 2001 and starred debutant Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. The movie is about a 15-year-old girl who discovers that her grandmother is the princess of an imaginary kingdom in Europe and she is the heir to the throne. This movie was a run-away hit and grossed over $16 million worldwide.

Hollywood Movies On Demand The Muppets


“Muppets” is a 2011 Disney movie about puppets trying to save the Muppet theatre from an oil magnet who tries to demolish it. This movie was directed by James Bobin and has Jason Segel and Amy Adams in the lead roles. Visually rich and wonderfully written, this movie grossed $88 million worldwide and is one of the Hollywood best comedy movies for children.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Keeping Mum

Keeping mum

This 2005 British movie belongs to the genre of Black comedy and has Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), Kristin Scott and Maggie Smith playing the lead roles. The story revolves around the life of a self-absorbed pastor who realizes one day that the other members of his family are not like what he thinks they are. Because of its controversial genre, this movie received mixed reviews everywhere but still made $18 million in the box office.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Prince And Me

The Prince and Me

“The Prince and Me” is a 2004 romantic comedy movie starring Julia Stiles and Luke Mably in the lead roles. The movie is about a bored Prince of Denmark who wishes to join University of Wisconsin-Madison not to study but to enjoy life as shown in a reality show. There he meets and falls in love with a girl who refuses to date him back. The movie was followed by 3 sequels and was generally well received.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Pretty Little Devils

Pretty Little Devils

“Pretty little devils” is a 2008 American Black comedy film that was released as a direct-to-video movie. Starring Haylie Duff, Kate Albrecht and Tom Green the plot is about a dead legacy and three popular girls caught as prime suspects for it. The way the girls prove their innocence is described in a comical way. The film is also released under the name Legacy.

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