Qwik Video on Demand service vs DTH VODVideo on demand (VOD) is latest technology which allows users to select and watch to video content like movies, TV shows when they choose to, instead of at a specific broadcast time. In India, many Direct to Home (DTH) players offer video on demand value added services to their DTH subscribers.

Major differences between Qwik Video on demand service and VOD offered by DTH players:

  1. Channel of distribution: DTH VOD service is offered through Broadband Internet connection with usual speed requirement of 512 kbps or above. Whereas Qwik VOD is made available on existing cable TV connection.
  2. Quality: DTH video quality may deteriorate due to buffering and pixelation when internet connectivity is poor. Qwik promises all time HD quality video on demand content owing to robust cable TV network infrastructure.
  3. VOD order process: With DTH VOD service subscriber needs to order video/ movie he wishes to watch well in advance. Qwik is truly on demand as one can watch video/ movie instantaneously.
  4. Content Storage: To watch a movie or video, DTH subscriber needs to download the content on his DTH set top box. The set top box has in built storage capacity. Time to download depends on the internet connection speed. Content downloaded comes with pre-specified expiry after which it has to be downloaded again. Local storage limits the amount of content that can be downloaded and watched.In Qwik VOD setup, content is stored at a central location to which Qwik subscribers are connected through cable TV network. This offers Qwik subscriber wide variety of content on demand to choose from.
  5. Content Availability: With DTH there are limitations like only last 5 days episodes for daily shows are available. Also there is expiry on content purchased. TV shows have advertising. Qwik offers over 5000 hrs of rich content which can be consumed multiple times wit.h no advertising and buffering.Along with Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies, Qwik Video Library also offers Catch Up TV, Popular TV shows, Kids TV shows and Karaoke Music.