Video on Demand for Cable OperatorsAttention! Cable Service Providers!
A new revolution in entertainment has begun.

A video on demand revolution that will multiply your revenues without any investment!

In developed markets of North America and Europe, Video on Demand has become a multi billion dollar industry, as more and more viewers are moving away from appointment viewing to convenience viewing.
India has over 140 million Cable and Satellite Households; and is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets of Content consumption.

However Video on Demand is yet to find a foothold.

Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment is everywhere. However the question is can I be entertained as per my time and my convenience? Can I get instant access to latest bollywood movies whenever I want? To be honest the answer is always been a big No!

Video on demand challenges

Many players in India claimed to offer video on demand services. But unfortunately they have been unable to deliver a satisfying customer experience due to many hurdles.

Video on demand service challenges:

  • Lack of High Speed Broadband Connection which causes content buffering and pixilation.
  • Limited choice of Content available with the service providers.
  • No control on Start time and Playback.
  • High Cost of Bandwidth.

And now! One company is geared to overcome all challenges and be the game changer, the Valuable Group.

Founder of the World’s largest satellite network of digital cinema chain ‘UFO Movies’ presents ‘Qwik Entertainment’; The next big thing in entertainment.

Bypassing the issues of low bandwidth infrastructure in India, Qwik Entertainment is revolutionary Video on Demand platform that streams content through the existing RF cable network. This innovative technology comes as a boon to all cable service providers. They can now give viewers an entertainment experience never seen before.

Qwik video on demand advantages to consumers:

  • Stunning picture quality without the hassle of buffering and pixilation.
  • High definition video on demand content for both small and large television screens.
  • Full control of start time and playback.
  • It doesn’t consume internet bandwidth, so there is no incremental cost.
  • User-friendly interface enabling easy content discovery and navigation.
  • Over 5000 hours of rich VOD content available on demand.
  • As part of annual subscription package and content is updated on a daily basis.

Qwik entertainment empowers your television with unlimited choice, instant playback and seamless streaming. One of the most incredible features of Qwik Entertainment is the instant playback. The moment you press the play button, the television screen immediately comes alive with brilliant and electrifying visuals.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s just press and play and enter the new world of entertainment from India and around the globe.

Movies on Demand, the best of Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional movies on your televisions screens. Direct access to a virtual DVD library with 100s of fantastic movies. Watch these entertainers at your leisure as many times you want without ever feeling the need to move from your priced couch. It doesn’t get better for a true movie buff.

Qwik Video on Demand Setup

Television shows, Gripping Hollywood and International TV shows that have hooked up audiences worldwide will now be streaming for your personal television set.

Catch up TV on demand a first of its kind in INDIA.
Catch up TV for upto 4 weeks never let you miss even of a single moment of your favorite television show. Prime television shows on some of India’s most popular channels will now be available on demand in high quality as per your time and convenience and completely advertisement free. Catching up on daily soaps now made absolutely stress free.

Kids TV
A fantastic offering for the young ones to captivate their attention. Hundreds of hours of programming, filled with masti and entertainment. Beware! You will have a tough time to getting the kids away from the TV screen.

Zoom across the globe with the excitement travel shows and documentaries, History, Science, Cooking and much more.

Bring out your singing talent with the ultimate Karaoke experience.

Qwik Entertainment Installation


The Qwik entertainment box is easily installed of the customer’s house without any hassle of rewiring or changing cable connection. From the existing set top box the in house and RF cable is connected from the out to the Qwik box. And from the Qwik box, another RF cable goes in the HDMI input of the television.

Qwik VOD Entertainment Content Flow

Qwik VOD content transmission

The content stored at the Qwik content library is sent via satellite to the local cable operator’s headend.

The content is stored at the cable headend on the Qwik proprietary M-Boost server which can store up to 10,000 hours of AV VOD content. As and when required, the content is converted from IP to RF and pushed to customer’s Qwik box via the existing cable network. At home the customer just has to select the program using Qwik remote and press OK to enjoy the desired content.

Qwik Entertainment advantages to Cable Service providers

  • Larger subscriber base. As more and more viewers demand Qwik Entertainment. This will lead to an increase of new subscribers with existing ones demanding this latest offering.
  • More revenue Generation. More subscribers will lead to more revenues. A new avenue for revenue has been created.
  • Zero investment. Qwik entertainment operates on the unused existing frequency available with the operator. Therefore no additional investment needed to develop the infrastructure.

Qwik Entertainment is truly a wonder key, which unlocks doors of great entertainment with top picture quality and that to at super speed. Get entertained as per your time and your convenience.

The Qwik revolution is here to stay:

  • True video on demand platform on existing cable network.
  • No bandwidth costs.
  • High Quality content across genres.
  • Monetizing opportunity for cable operators and content owners.

We invite all cable service providers to be a part of this historic video on demand entertainment revolution and take their business to a new level.

Qwik Entertainment! The next big thing in entertainment.