Online Video Consumption Trend in IndiaIn just few years, video has exploded on the internet changing the way people share, learn, play and communicate. YouTube has become the major player in video world becoming the second largest search engine. According to comScore (a leader in measuring digital world), Indian internet population is 205 million, as of 2013. It makes India the third largest internet population after China and United States, projected to be the second largest by 2015, with 330-370 million users.

With increased internet population, the online video consumption in India is also dramatically increased during last few years. The comScore released comScore video matrix on May 7, 2013 which showed the online video consumption has doubled as compared to last two years. In 2013, India’s total video audience grew 74 percent to reach 54 million viewers with an average viewer watching 18 percent more videos. India’s high online advertising market being worth $375 million and 75 million Indian accessing the internet via mobile phones provide evidence to India’s high online video consumption.

Video on Demand Trend in India

Video on demand is gaining popularity in India with rapidly increasing count of VOD subscribers. As YouTube is all time winner in the race of most viewership but it has only grabbed the audience under age group of 35 years. The older generation is yet to enjoy the convenience viewing and that is the reason of VOD is gaining popularity.

Video on demand is the solution to families glued to the TV screens and fighting to grab the remote control. According to ‘TAM Annual Universe Update – 2014‘, India has over 312 million individuals with television sets, but most of them can enjoy the controlled viewing of videos. Following are the further reasons that can lead Video on demand the most demanded feature in a present era.

  • Availability of premium content: The media giants have started putting the premium content online. For example, Qwik has over 5000 hrs of video content including Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies, catch up tv, tv shows and 1000s of karaoke music tracks.
  • Increased mobile devices: India’s mobile subscriber base is set to cross 696 million connections by the end of this year, according to a Gartner report.

The hurdles in Video on Demand

  • Poor quality: Many subscribers in an area share one broadband connection. The quality of experience which an individual enjoys varies upon what all the subscribers are doing. The lack of dedicated bandwidth becomes the reason of a bad experience like buffering, pixelation and waiting. Then the way broadband is served also varies from Ethernet, modem, wifi dongles to WAN card etc. These all factors affect the quality of video on demand provided.
  • Bandwidth Cost: Most broadband plans in India charge according to data usage. Video and media consumption consumes extremely high bandwidth hence making plan expensive. Also online video on demand service providers charge periodic membership making it more costly. This serves as a hindrance for video consumption.
  • Limited Reach: Only 20% of the population has access to internet, the remaining 80% untapped population is yet to get access to the internet to enjoy video on demand.

Entertainment is a grown industry in India. People of almost all ages have started following movies and TV shows. So the movies and TV shows are the first priority of Indian people to watch through video on demand service. The school and college students can be benefited through VOD with the help of which they can learn specific topics whenever they want. The morning shows offering exercise guides are often missed in a hurry of leaving for office, video on demand service would be a great help for those seeking relax timetable for their learning. If you are a woman and missed a portion of a specific recipe, VOD can help you.

Video on demand is truly for everyone!

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