Music On Demand Industry In IndiaIf we are to pick one significant achievement of the Internet era, it has to be availability of information to everybody. With every industry striving to build its online presence, the web world is so full of information about almost everything. But with great power comes a few limitations. One of the biggest problems the present cyber world is facing is the copyright infringement. The on demand services, especially the Music on Demand service, have changed the landscape of the entertainment world for good; to a world where originality gets its due credit.

Music On Demand services to the rescue

With resources thrown open to everybody, the identity of the original contributor might get buried in the corners of the web. Also, there are so many ways to illegally download intellectual properties. This affects the music industry adversely. That’s why Music on Demand services shines as a beacon of hope for the people in media industry. There are so many websites, set-top box services and apps that allows legal download of movies and music on demand. Lately, there has been an increase in awareness among people to purchase rather than download illegally. This is a very healthy situation as it boosts creativity and promotes quality.

How this works

Earlier, before internet, music was available only in the form of cassettes or CDs. The radio and TV used to play them but the user had no control on what they wish to hear. Now, when people have the access to their favorite tunes any day any time, piracy of songs became common and it hit the music community pretty hard. This led to attrition of originality in the industry and de-motivated musicians. So a system was created, where the original music would be available in a place in the Internet and the common user can choose, pay and download even selective tracks from an album. Thus the Music on Demand service came in as a welcome change and brought about a win-win situation to both sides.

Scenario in India

In India, we take our cine-wood very seriously. A movie release is celebrated as a festival and movie stars are worshipped as demigods. Music is considered as soul for the film that it is almost considered as incomplete without songs. No wonder, Indian music industry grosses over $2 billion. The diversity of Indian television has brought in so many avenues for the on demand service providers. The services can be availed online, via mobile apps or can also be subscribed as a package in a monthly basis. Connections requiring Internet doesn’t get pragmatic in a large scale as many homes in India are still not connected to a high speed, reliable Internet.

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