Is India gearing up to revolutionary Qwik Video on Demand (VoD) Service?India is a country popularly known for its diversity and cultures. This wide diversity and culture makes the market even more difficult to penetrate, as every culture and market has different tastes to be catered to. There are many international brands that entered the Indian market which had to change their products and services to suit the needs of the Indian market. Let’s take an example of McDonalds, one of the biggest fast food chains in the US. They did face a lot of flak and criticism when they entered the Indian market. The Indian consumers did initially complain of the lack of variety in the menu for vegetarians, high amount sodium in burgers, buns and fries. But McDonalds turned tables when they introduced a new range of menu for vegetarians.

Another similar concept is Video on Demand (VoD). Video On Demand(VoD) or On Demand is an entertainment service that allows viewers instant access to  digital content such as movies, cable series, original programs, educational programming, premium channels, news, sports and more, at any time and at any place.  In the developed markets of North America and Europe, VoD has become a multibillion dollar industry, as more and more viewers are choosing VoD, but big giants like Netflix and Hulu are yet to find a foothold in India, due to high bandwidth cost, a wide variety of entertainment available on their existing cable and satellite services to name a few.

Indian viewers are now going in for a more dependent and closer to home service which gives them a better and on demand entertainment. Though Video on Demand (VoD) in India is offered by many Direct to Home (DTH) players to their subscribers or consumers Qwik Entertainment is another one of its kind players in India to offer VoD services. It’s a part of Valuable Group, also the founder of UFO Moviez India Ltd – the world’s largest chain of satellite networked digital cinema . Why one of its kind? Read on to know more!

Cable TV is an integral part of any household in India. Televised serials, movies are the most popular form of entertainment media in urban as well as rural India. According to the TAM Annual Universe Update – 2014, India has over 277 million individuals with televised sets of which more than 145 millions have access to cable TV or satellite TV. It’s a major source of entertainment amongst all age groups. That’s where Qwik Entertainment breaks the barrier between revolutionary entertainment and the Indian viewers because of:

1) Distribution Channel: As we know, Video on demand (VoD) is an interactive technology that allows subscribers to view programming in real time or download programs and view them later. With this comes the need to have a high speed internet connection, for streaming and downloading of the content. However, Qwik Entertainment is the only player in India to offer VOD services, by streaming the content through existing RF cable network. Thereby it has overcome the need to have a broadband connection of a usual speed of 512 kbps or more to avail the VOD services.

2) Quality offered: Many a times, poor internet connection, which is commonplace in India, leads to buffering of the content. Qwik Entertainment eliminates this since it is made available through the existing cable TV infrastructure. It is powered by “Mediaboost” technology that delivers the encoded and encrypted content that streams over our existing cable network to the Qwik VOD device at the subscribers’ home. Now Qwik subscribers have access to stunning picture quality without the hassle of buffering and pixilation.

3) Convenience and Real time viewing:  In a Qwik VoD set up, media content is stored at a central location which is connected through a cable network to the Qwik subscribers. Thus, Qwik subscribers can have a true real time viewing experience as per their convenience unlike other DTH VoD services, where the content has to be pre ordered or ordered well in advance.

4) Content storage and Availability:  Qwik Entertainment offers hassle free viewing of content media , since it does not come with the hassle of downloading content to a limited storage capacity set top box or the hassle of waiting for the content to be downloaded which largely depends on the internet connectivity. As stated above, the content is stored at a central location, which enables Qwik subscribers to choose from a broad spectrum of content. Qwik offers over 5000 hrs of rich content which can be consumed multiple times with no advertising and buffering or pixilation. Along with Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies, Qwik Video Library also offers Catchup TV, Popular TV shows, Kids TV shows and Karaoke Music.

5) Benefits to the Cable operators and the Cable industry:  Television has always been a staple of the Indian household and lifestyle and so has been cable. But rapid adoption of online streaming and VOD by DTH providers, had left the broadcast and cable networks teetering and increasingly vulnerable. It is no wonder that Qwik entertainment has entered the VOD business in the disguise of a boon and a blessing to the cable operators and the cable industry on the whole, since it makes use of the existing RF cable or the cable network infrastructure to offer its VOD services. This, in turn will help to create more revenue to the cable industry which benefits the economy of the country as the Indian cable industry offers lucrative scope for stable revenue streams to both power and telecom cable manufacturers.

Qwik Entertainment truly is a revolutionary VOD platform. To put it simply it has revolutionized cable TV and has taken it to a higher level altogether, the same cable TV, which has been an important part of Indian household. IT has enhanced the digital consumption experience. So why not simply try it to experience this unique and revolutionary service?

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