Today’s Video on Demand services has something for everybody.  Animation movies have revolutionized the traditional story-telling for the kids with much more techniques, creativity and colors. Psychologists suggest that watching quality animation movies at an early age goes a long way in improving a child’s creativity and intelligence. Many parents vouch on the level of connection such movies have with their kids and believe that it is one of the best ways to inculcate moral values in young minds. Much to their joy, Video on Demand (VOD) has ensured a separate “movie time” rather than aligning their schedules as per the standard television broadcast time.

Top five animation movies ever:

Creating animation movies for kids is not an easy task. Surprisingly, kids are choosier that we think them to be and are not easily pleased. They are bustling full of questions, ideas and things to do that one needs to be highly creative to get their complete attention. There are many kids’ movies that have succeeded in making super-active kids (and even their parents) sit in one place for 90 minutes. A few movies amongst them have stood the test of time and captured the imagination of kids of all ages.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Toy Story

Toy Story:

This Walt Disney’s 1995 classic movie can be considered as one of the greatest animation movies of all time. The story revolves around the lives of toys that come to life when no human beings are around them. The brilliance of the plot to enliven things that kids commonly use has left many to be enthralled with the world around them forever. With 2 sequels and 3 academy award nominations, this movie can be considered as one of the successful animation movies ever made.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Lion King

Lion King:

Another Walt Disney’s classic, The Lion King is the story of a lion kingdom in Africa. This 1994 two-academy-awards-winning movie is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film and the highest-grossing 2D animated film in the US. The movie’s heart-touching plot, human-like animal characters and stunning visuals has made way for its unique place in movie lovers’ heart from all over the world.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Wall E


Pixar animation studios’ 2008 animation movie Wall-E is a story about human emotions in robots. This movie is highly acclaimed for its plot that is simple on the outside yet deep and meaningful on the inside and this kids’ movie was ranked first in TIME’s “Best Movies of the Decade”. Wall-E is welcomed for its theme light years ahead of its age and its take on many social problems of this century.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo:

Walt Disney Pictures is the pioneer for animation movies in the world and “Finding Nemo” substantiates that fact even more. This 2003 movie revolves around the characters of clown fishes in the sea world. An all-time-great, this movie is one amongst the top ten animation movies as per American Film Institute. The movie got a 3D avatar and released on Blu-ray in the year 2012.

Hollywood Movies On Demand Monster Inc

Monster Inc:

Monster Inc is a 2001 movie that broke the stereotypes by making monsters as protagonist in kids’ movies. The story revolves around two monsters and it was one of the major box office hits of that year. The movie was remade as a 3D version in 2012 and had its sequel in the year 2013.

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