Can Video on Demand (VoD) on TV regain the lost magic of TV?We all live a fast paced life today. This is especially true when it comes to the youth. Though technology has made the world smaller and has brought people closer, it has only digitally and virtually connected people. Youth in India have become more career oriented and have less time for themselves and their families. Everybody, be it parents, the youth, the children, are spending time running behind their own deadlines.

Today we rarely see families coming together to watch their favourite movies or televised series broadcasted at a particular time. Television has always been an integral part of Indian household. But TV viewing habits have changed rapidly, especially amongst the youth. Time constraints or lack of time is not the only thing keeping the viewers from watching television. There has been a change in the consumption pattern of the content of the viewers, especially in the youth. With digitalization of content and availability of internet on not just home computers, laptops but also smart phones and tablets, people choose to watch movies and other videos on YouTube or social networks like Facebook online than on traditional TV sets. This is due to rise in the demand for live and on the go content provided by players like You Tube, Vemo, Hulu etc.

With today’s youth always on the run, internet has become a preferred medium for watching their favourite content. The youth also prefer to watch their favourite TV shows, movies alone or with their friends. There is also an aversion to the Saas-Bahu sagas amongst the youth and the children, which is a big hit with the older generation. The younger generation prefers reality shows, sitcoms, lifestyle shows and English language TV shows. The world of Television is fast fusing with the world of internet. According to a survey conducted by TNS Global, 18-24 year olds prefer digital video over traditional TV and 20% of the people in India watch online content everyday either on their PC, mobile or tablet and there is possibility of a rise in the percentage.

So does this mean that Television, our very own idiot box has lost its magic? Not really. Despite the huge surge in online consumption, television still plays a huge part in our lives. A huge part of the population still sits in front of the idiot box everyday to watch their favourite shows. Every 3 out of 4 families still come together and give their undivided attention to TV during dinner. People are still wedded to their television sets especially when they are with their families and friends. This has become possible due to the rise in digital set top boxes, catch up TV and Video on Demand services by players like Qwik Entertainment. Video on demand on TV has made it possible for the viewers to view content as per their time and convenience. Qwik Entertainment, a one of its kind VOD Demand service, has made use of our traditional cable infrastructure and network to deliver hassle free and high definition content on television to our viewers and consumers. There is still a big hope for our very own Television to strike back with VOD services provided by players like Qwik Entertainment.

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