Can Video on Demand (VOD) be a solution to media piracyHello! Have you ever bought a latest movie CD from a roadside vendor or downloaded one from a torrent site? If yes, then you are definitely the pirates of this digital world.

What is media piracy?

Piracy, in its simplest form is obtaining materials without the proper rights of legal ownership. There is an age old battle between entertainment Industry and media pirates all over the world. Media piracy is more frequently referred to by more specific terms such as music piracy, movies piracy, software piracy which is illegal copying of a source work (movie, music, software or other). It’s illegal trade in software, videos, digital video devices (DVDs), and music. Piracy occurs when someone other than the copyright holder copies the product and resells it for a fraction of the cost that the legitimate producer charges. It is a serious crime in almost all countries.

Media piracy has even become fertile new territory for organised crime. We have all heard and seen the entertainment & film fraternity appealing to all the viewers to buy original CDs / DVDs or watch the movies in the theatres and stay away from piracy. Illegal downloading and sharing of film and TV content is a serious crime which adversely affects the economy of the country.

Why piracy happens?

The reasons why most of the people watch pirated work are straight forward. Easy Availability at cheap cost is the simple reason why someone resorts to piracy and this might be one of the biggest reasons why piracy occurs worldwide.

When it comes to watching latest movie release, even today there is no alternative to going to theatres – which is often costly and one has dedicate time. Even for old movie lovers there is no access to classic movies which is easy and affordable. Why only movies, TV shows, Kids movies & shows, documentaries, educational videos and short films, there is no avenue available where one can find all of these at single place at right price. Think you want to enjoy a favourite comedy movie with friends right now, where will you get it? Download it from torrent site as simple as that. Media piracy today is not by choice but a mandate by the situation.

So what is the solution?

Video on Demand (VoD) or On-Demand platform could be one of the possible solutions to media piracy. Video on demand is a technology which allows convenience viewing where one can select and watch video or audio whenever he wishes to.

Accessibility - Video on demand service provider offer huge variety of content to its consumers – including movies, TV shows, catchup TV, kids TV, documentaries, short films, educational content. This immediately makes a sea of content available easily improving accessibility.

Affordability - Video on demand service providers offer different subscription models like Pay per use or monthly subscription. Therefore one can go for a paying mode which fit his pockets. So, affordability is no more a concern. With monthly subscription one can watch unlimited videos at considerable cost bringing down per video cost.
Seeing the opportunity, many multi-national companies are foraying in video on demand market. This will create competition and subscription rates will further reduce.

Convenience – Video on demand is an alias to convenience. Control what you watch, when you watch!

Video on demand addresses the core 3 issues fuelling media piracy – accessibility, price and convenience and thus rises as strong contender to fight media piracy. This can certainly prove the weapon entertainment industry is striving for years.